Request Tracker

Getting Started

  1. Creating a User Profile: The first step for using the Request Tracker is to create a user profile. Click on User Profile in the menu, and select "Create a new user profile". This will bring up a form to fill out. Fields marked in red are required.

    Note: If you have made requests with us before, chances are you already are in our user database. We have sent out either an email or a letter to everyone in the database for whom we had an address. If you haven't received one, please contact us and provide us with your name, organization, and email address. We will check and let you know. This will help us avoid duplicate profiles in the database.

  2. Logging In: Once a profile has been created, use your new username and password to log in.

  3. Making Requests: Click on New Request to create a request. The New Request form will appear. Fill out all the fields that apply. The following is an explanation of each field:

    • For: Ordinarily, this will be the same as the affiliation you chose when setting up your user profile. If you are making a request on behalf of someone else (e.g you are a consultant doing work for a state agency), pick the affiliation that most closely fits.
    • Intended Use: Choose the category that best fits the primary use you will make of the information or materials received.
    • Need By: Indicate the date you would like the request completed (note that this is not a guarantee, although we will do our best to assist you by then).
    • Request Title: Give the request a brief title, e.g "Species of concern for upper Blackfoot"
    • Description: Describe what it is you need. Be as specific as possible about needed data or materials; such as maps, the type of information needed, time periods, seasons, or other details that may help determine how best to fulfill your request.
    • Location: Be as specific as possible – include coordinates, boundaries, placenames, watershed, county, legal description, USGS quad, river or highway corridor, etc.

    Once you have filled out all pertinent information, click on "Submit Request". Your request will be automatically entered in the Request Tracker system and will be assigned a unique request number.

    To help alleviate retyping of common information for multiple requests, you may find the
    Copy This Request feature to be a useful timesaver in making new requests with similar information. This feature is available when you are viewing an existing request.

  4. Viewing Requests: You can review the progress of your requests at any time, by logging into the Request Tracker and clicking on "Requests". By default, only current requests are shown. Unchecking the checkbox at the top right will show all the requests you have made. You can also sort requests using the numbered fields associated with each category. Clicking on the blue arrow will change the sort order from ascending to descending.

    Click a request number (e.g. 04NRIS0018) to view an individual request's details or to make a comment. You can see the status of your request as well as any comments made by staff members. If you are replying to a specific comment, it is helpful to refer to it by number.

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