Yellowstone River Conservation District Council

1998 Yellowstone River
Physical Features Inventory –
Gardiner to Springdale

The information contained in this electronic version of the "1998 Yellowstone River Physical Features Inventory - Gardiner to Springdale" is intended to provide the viewer with baseline data, relative to quantitative physical changes in the Upper Yellowstone River corridor. The introduction section discusses the goals and objectives of the inventory. Information concerning the methods used and results found are discussed in the following chapters of the report.

This physical features inventory was conducted as a first step in understanding cause and effect relationships in the Upper Yellowstone River corridor and watershed. A number of additional data gathering studies are currently under way. For information on these additional studies, please contact the Upper Yellowstone River Task Force Coordinator, Liz Galli-Noble at (406) 222-3701 or email:

The intent of providing this information via a Web-based application is:

  1. to further the use of various natural resource assessment tools by citizen groups;
  2. to illustrate how they may be used by decision-makers and land-users to understand the functions, processes and structure of natural resource systems; and
  3. to inform the public-at-large of the resource assessment work underway in the Upper Yellowstone River.

The map features information contained in this electronic version of the 1998 physical features inventory have been digitized from geo-referenced, aerial photographs (non-rectified). The resulting line and point coverages have been determined to be accurate to a scale of at least 1:100,000 (National Map Accuracy Standards). However, it is not the purpose of this electronic database to serve as a precise measurement tool at this time. Caution should be used when attempting to infer qualitative values from this data. Additional feature data will be added to this website as it becomes available. For more information on this report please contact Tom Pick at (406) 587-6947 or Email: Thank you for your interest.

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Yellowstone River Physical Features Inventory Application

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