Yellowstone River Conservation District Council

Instructions for Using
1998 Yellowstone River
Physical Features Inventory

NOTE: The files composing this application are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site at

General Adobe functions:
The included information contains electronic links from the document to maps, photographs and charts. Using the Adobe Reader software, these links are accessed by clicking on the icon of the hand located on the tool bar.   Zooming in for more detail can be done by clicking on the magnifier icon, then on the area of interest. Zooming out can be done by selecting the page size icons from the tool menu bar, or by using the shift-click option with the magnifier selected.

Document Links:
Links are provided from each heading in the document table of contents to the appropriate section of the document-and back to the table of contents.   Within the body of the document links are generally noted by the use of bold italic text. These links will take the reader to charts or tables with additional information. Links to each of the map displays are also provided from the table of contents. All links to the tables listed in the table of contents are linked back to the table of contents via the 'Table #' heading on the table itself. Selecting the table title bar will link the reader back to the location in the document referencing the table.

Links provided on each map display are also organized consistently. The title 'Yellowstone River Physical Feature Inventory' on each map will link the user back to the beginning of the document. A link back to the document table of contents is available from the Segment # description just below the title on each map. From the 'Summary of Features' box a link is provided to a tabular listing and numerical summary of the line and point features in each river segment.

The 'Description of Segment #' box on each map will take the reader to the location in the document that describes the general features associated with the selected river segment.

Map displays also contain links to photographs. These are indicated by magenta boxes surrounding a photo number. By clicking within the magenta box the reader will be linked to a photograph associated with the features observed at that point along the river. After viewing the photograph the reader can return to the map display by clicking within the black box surrounding the 'Segment #' at the bottom of the photograph. By clicking within the black box surrounding the description at the top of the photograph the reader will link back to a listing of all photographs included. This document and its contents have been formatted with the purpose of providing this information to the greatest number of interested parties in the most accessible fashion possible.

Yellowstone River Physical Features Inventory Application

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